"We spend more money (on education) than anyone else. We should be able to at least match other countries ( in outcome), if not renew the lead that we had historically". By Bill Gates



Our goal is to wake up America to back responsible Educational reform! America was built with pride, hard work, love of freedom, morality, education, common sense and the worlds greatest educational system up to the mid 1950's. Then came the socialist education changes, thanks to University of California Berkeley then San Francisco's Flower Children and liberalism was born with "One-Sided Education" that spread through out the land. Our elected officials (bureaucrats) over the past 6 generations should be sited for dereliction of duty! Current elected officials talk with no actions (back bone) because "One-Sided Education equals One-Sided Leadership"! "We the People" need to take charge of our education system as proven by the "California Trigger Law". Funding should be the number one action by all Americans!


1. Social Programs must be Adjusted to help fund education

2. Teachers must be skilled

3. It's the Curriculum Stupid

4. No Place for Unions in curriculum and standards

5. Parents must have Freedom of Choice ( means go to better run school)

6. Common Core (Is government sponsored) Warning 1 sided!

7. Charter Schools (Are privately run)

8. Trigger Law (parents have options to force control of bad schools)

 Parents are the key to change for the better with out unions!

 a. Discipline

 b. Respect

 c. Moral